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Earring Obsession

Since 2016, Turquoise Ranch has done more than refine the art of accessories; we've set out to create a new standard.Turquoise Ranch understands loving a pair of earrings but wishing they were in silver and not gold, or vice versa, so it is our mission to offer (at least) both options on most handmade jewelry and generally improve the jewelry market. Turquoise Ranch makes everything in the shop by hand, all in Texas.

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From iridescent navy druzy studs, to pink ombre tassel earrings, to green stone drop earrings, explore this month's best sellers. Each month we will show which were your favorites and most purchased. It's always fun to see what y'all love- and be inspired by your choices!


Perfect for Valentines Day

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"I have a newfound obsession with earrings."

— Kristi Blount, Fitness and Lifestyle Expert


Handmade in Texas

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The Maker behind Turquoise Ranch

Jessica Pachal has loved accessories and making jewelry since she was a little child. Once obsessed with twining her fingers in embroidery thread and pony beads, her tastes have evolved. Dissatisfied with the selection available, Jessica found herself creating jewelry with her hands, once again. With rave reviews and encouragement from friends and family, she decided to embrace her destiny and follow her dreams.