15 Great Black Tees

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I love a black t-shirt. In some ways, it's kind of become my uniform. I'm a pretty simple girl, so I'm happy in a black tee, jeans, and flip flops or sandals. I do love my big earrings or statement jewelry though!

I love the versatility of a black tee- they can be easily dressed up or down, paired with anything, and made special. I typically wear jeans, but I like pairing them with a printed pant or shorts, colorful or classic shoes, and jewelry.

As I've been cycling through my favorite tees, I realize it's time to add some more to the stash. Below are some I've found- some I own currently and some I would like to try!

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1 | Simple V-Neck Tee Kohls $11.99 or 2 for $20

I'm starting off with a gem. I'm not usually a Kohl's shopper, but I love this little black tee. I own it in multiple colors, and keep purchasing more. It's my favorite of them all. It fits well, doesn't stretch out, but isn't clingy, and just fits so well. I've seen it through three different sizes of my body, and it always looks good.

2 | Curved Hem V-Neck Tee Old Navy $16.99 (but there are always coupons on their website)

I own this one in a couple of colors, but interestingly enough, not black. They didn't have it when I purchased it, or else I would. I really like the slightly flowy fit of this one, although it is a bit see-though. It may not be in black though.

3 | Vintage Crew Neck Tee Target $5.00 (! normally $8.00)

Anytime a t-shirt says vintage, I'm in. I love the soft, washed a million times feel of them. The cut of this one is cute, too.

4 | Ruffle Sleeve Tee Gap $28.00 (normally $34.95)

Cute sleeve detail if you are wanting to be dressier, but still want to wear a t-shirt!

5 | Long Sleeve V-Neck Tee Walmart $4.00 (Normally $6.92)

Another gem here. I love these. Again, I own this one in black and several other colors, and I wear it constantly. I'm always cold, so the long sleeve is great, and it's strangely thin enough to not be hot, but thick enough to be warm. The structure of it is so good too, and that price! I discounted Walmart for a long time, but over the last couple of years, being a mom, sometimes that was the only place I had time to shop. They have surprisingly good clothes. I push the sleeves up on this if i get too warm, and it's still cute. Love this one. Also- I know it says Juniors, but trust me, it does not fit like juniors. It fits like womens.

6 | Short Sleeve V-Neck Tee Walmart $5.88

Another Walmart special. I haven't tried this one, but if it's anything like the one above, I'd love it.

7 | Scalloped Tee JCrew Factory $24.00

The scalloped detail on this is so sweet. It looks dressier, but can be dressy or casual depending on what you pair it with. It's hard to see it in this photo, but if you click over, you can see it in other colors very well.

8 | Tiered Hem Linen Tee Nordstrom $44.00

This one looks so special. I haven't tried it, but I want it. I love the neckline and the cut of it.

9 | Peplum Tee Nordstrom $39.00

Cute and simple, but different enough to be special.

10 | 3/4 Sleeve Ballet Back Tee Target $8.00 (Normally $10.00)

The back on this one is unexpected, and the sleeve is nice as well.

11 | Vintage V-Neck Tee Target $5.00 (Normally $8.00)

Classic and simple. As you've probably noticed, I love the v-neck neckline.

12 | Bold Ruffle Sleeve Tee Target $16.99

This tee has a very bold sleeve, making quite a statement. It still could be made casual, and very easily made dressy.

13 | Relaxed Tunic Tee Old Navy $19.99 (Remember, there are always coupons)

This flowy tee could be worn with leggings maybe, or paired with whatever else. The relaxed fit and arm are flattering.

14 | Tie Front Tee Nordstrom $17.40 (Regularly $29.00)

The tie front is cute and different, but I have noticed sometimes I personally do not need extra attention drawn to that area!

15 | V-Neck Knit Tee Express $29.90

I love the fit of this one. I'd like to add this to my arsenal.


What about y'all mamas? Did I miss any great ones you love?