I got home first today, and that was a first.

I cannot tell you the last time that happened. My husband has gone back to school, so for the last couple of semesters, I’ve been picking up our son from “school” (daycare, but we call it school). Before that, his schedule ended earlier and he works in our hometown, so he would pick up our son and I would be greeted by them both when I walked in the door.

I looked around the house, and saw the tons of things that needed to be done. Laundry. Left over dishes from last night. Dinner. Cleaning. Planting those plants I bought over a week ago. And I just sat.

I opened up the blinds and sat at our kitchen table enjoying the additional sunlight daylight savings time has afforded. I’m a sun-lover; summer is my favorite season. I love these warmer days.

I watched the cars go by. I watched the grass blow in the light breeze. I stared at the chickens across the street flapping and strutting in our neighbor’s yard. And then, I didn’t know what to do with myself.

I really wanted to just sit. My son has been really sick over the past several days, and I’m mentally and physically exhausted. But I didn’t know how to sit and I was feeling so wasteful. I should be doing those dishes. I should be putting the load of clothes into the dryer from last night’s wash, and starting a new load. I should, I should, I should. But I didn’t. At least not right away.

I got my laptop out and started typing this, because I think it’s a bit of a travesty that I forgot how to sit. I’m not one who is addicted to my phone- in fact, I regularly annoy people who are dear to me by never checking it. I love to read, but in the “middle” of the day? Are you kidding?!

I’ve been reading and listening to a lot of self-help-y books and podcasts. And Instagram posts, when I actually do scroll through my phone. There are several that I enjoy about mindfulness, meditation, simplifying your life. Concepts that are fairly new to me. And I’m trying. I see the value in it, and I want a fuller, more well-balanced and well-rounded life.

So here’s to learning how to sit. And rest. And enjoying life’s simple joys. I’m working on it. How about you mamas?