Wherever I Roam Texas is Home


I feel so blessed to call Texas home.


Blessed is a word I traditionally find a little hokey. How are you? I’m blessed. Insert internal eye roll here. And even still, I find I have used it twice in posts I have written. Twice! I rarely use this word in real life. But I think the real truth is, I have committed to myself, a promise if you will, that I will only write about things I am really, truly, madly, deeply passionate about- or else this is not really of intention, it’s just fluff. And I don’t want fluff. I want real. I want connection. I want my tribe. So blessed pops out a quite bit more than I expected. Please excuse me.


Like most Texan’s, I think my state is the best. No contest. One of our most known attributes is our pride and love for our state, along with Texas shaped everything. We know. We don’t care if you think it’s weird. It’s just who we are.


I was born and raised in Texas, and I can’t imagine living anywhere else. I love everything about it. I love the temperature, the climate, the amazing diverse topography. I love that all right here, all in this state, I can see mountains, the beach, valleys, hills, pastures, and all the glorious things Texas has to offer. I love that it’s warm here, especially where I live. I love the people. I love everything about it. I have a very hard time imagining any situation where I was to live in any other state by choice.


I fully intend to write a complete love letter to Texas one day. Today is not that day, but only because my love is so great, I am intimated to even begin the letter. I feel this letter would go on for days, pages, and still never be able to adequately express my love for Texas.


Speaking of my love for the people, these are some of my most special friends and family (sister-in-law), which is the closest to a sister I have and a most special friend as well, in these t-shirts I designed and created. You can see, my love is so great for Texas, I want to wear it. In an attempt to make these shirts as special as my love for Texas, they are printed on the most super-soft, never shrinking, most comfortable t-shirts ever. Where are they printed? In Texas of course!


Our inventory is pretty low on these, but if you’d like to snag one, head to shopturquoiseranch.com to see if we have your size. The demand has been pretty great, so a reprint might be in our future.

All photos taken by the incredibly talented Michael Blount, Jr. You can see his work at @michaelblountjr or at www.michaelblountjr.com