Freelance Marketing


Jessica is a skilled at branding, marketing, graphic design, copywriting, and social media. With over a decade of experience working at a large corporation and in a government position, she has acquired loads of knowledge to help your business. Currently, Jessica is working with clients that own their own businesses, helping them reimagine their brand. Depending on the client, that can include complete branding brainstorming, creative ideas, and result in implementation of new copy and web and social media techniques. 



Jessica believes the most powerful thing for your business is a strong brand. This encompasses so many things beyond colors and fonts- a strong voice, brand identity, and feel to name a few. Jessica has orchestrated rebrandings and start-up brandings, ranging from small businesses to municipal governments.


Marketing and Social Media

Once a brand identity is in place, Jessica can help with marketing and advertising efforts. She is skilled in many graphic design software suites, and can create eye-catching graphics, advertisements, and displays for print, web, and social media. She dives deeper as well, assisiting with writing and orchestrating social media guidelines for staff.


Graphic Design and Copywriting

Proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and many other graphic design suites, Jessica has over a decade of experience in creating ads and managing social media imagery. She also will take time to get to know and study your business, cultivating an in-depth knowledge of the industry. From there, Jessica can create copy, bios, and much more.